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Avon Cosmetics for the Entire Family

from: Skin Care Adviser

David H. McConnell, a twenty eight year old door-to-door book salesperson, founded Avon Cosmetics in 1886. To get women interested in buying his books, McConnell gave them perfume as an incentive but it became obvious they wanted his perfume and not the books.
In New York, New York, McConnell founded the California Perfume Company in a small office he used for manufacturing and shipping and hired Mrs. P. Albee as his first representative, as the company grew. In 1939, the name of the company became Avon Products, Inc., the manufacturer of Avon Cosmetics and perfumes.

Avon’s annual sales are approximately eight billion dollars with markets in over one hundred and thirty-five countries, China and Russia being the fastest growing. Today, Avon has almost three million representatives selling Avon cosmetics, perfumes, and other products in hundreds of countries worldwide and this number continues to grow.

Although traditionally for women, Avon cosmetics also have products for men such as skincare, grooming, fragrances, jewelry, apparel, and gadgets. Under skincare for men, products include daily moisturizers with sunscreen, shaving gel, and facial wash, while the grooming line has aftershave, antiperspirant deodorant, body wash, and soap on a rope.
There are many great men’s fragrances such as Wild Country and Black Suede, and other items such as watches, a pocket watch in a tin, red silky lounge pants, and travel mugs. Avon cosmetics also have children’s products, which have caught on and are marking a profit.
These include fashion, room décor, entertainment, toys, and basic body and bath toiletries including bubble bath and shampoo. There are also watches, stuffed toys, jewelry, bath towels, floor pillows, interactive books, DVD’s, and many more items children love. More recently, Avon cosmetics has come out with “Mark”, which is a very successful line of products that targets younger women aged eighteen to twenty-five.

Avon cosmetics eye makeup comes in a huge variety of colors and types. Everyone’s eyes are unique and when people apply eye makeup properly using a subtle application of eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara, it enhances their eyes true color and beauty.

Avon cosmetics eye shadow should define and highlight your eyes by creating depth and adding color while eyeliner defines the eyes without it becoming your makeup focal point. Available in pencil, liquid, and various other forms Avon cosmetics eyeliners are available in black, brown, and many other colors.

Mascara darkens and thickens your lashes while accentuating your eyes and making them come alive. There are several types of Avon cosmetics mascaras including smudge proof, waterproof, and lash thickening.

Always choose a mascara shade that complements your hair and skin coloring.