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Get Top Brand Free Cosmetics

from: Skin Care Adviser

Cosmetics are substances used to protect or enhance the appearance of people and their skin. Some cosmetics and free cosmetics include:

• Bath products including bath salts, bubble bath, bath oils
• Baby products
• Deodorants
• Hair products including hair spays, hair color, gels
• Facial and eye makeup including lipstick, blush, mascara, eyeliner
• Toenail and fingernail polishes
• Skin care products
• Perfumes

When it comes to free cosmetics, many of the large cosmetic leaders provide free samples or full sized cosmetics, giving people a chance to get luxury brands, new brands, or their favorite brands free. The main reason for receiving free cosmetics is that companies want marketing information, which includes market testing, marketing boost, and market stimulation.

When companies ‘market test’ a new makeup or cosmetic range, they want your input, which they get by offering free cosmetics. They offer these high quality free cosmetics for people to test because they value their opinion and want to know if they liked the product, what they liked about it, what they disliked, ways to improve their makeup or cosmetics, and if the people would buy these products at a later date.

People love to get great deals and free merchandise including free cosmetics. Shopping online is an amazing way to find great deals, special offers, and free merchandise including free cosmetics but always beware of scams.

Many top cosmetic and makeup companies have internet sites where they offer consumers free cosmetics and samples online as promotions and so consumers become familiar with their products.

Companies often give very good rewards to thank customers for buying their products. If you buy one of their products such as mascara for example, they may give you a free cosmetics sample such as their new line of perfume or eyeshadow.

There are several online rewards programs you can become a member of just by signing up, which offer great bargains. These online programs bring you only the best freebies and offers from quality companies and weed out any that are not legitimate.

Rewards programs cost nothing to join so if they want to charge you a fee, decline and find a reputable online program. As a new rewards program member, you often receive a cash reward for joining and along with great shopping often receive free cosmetics and other merchandise. Rewards programs usually offer discount coupons for jewelry, lingerie, clothing, household items, shoes, groceries, and more.

If you love shopping, special offers, and inexpensive or free cosmetics and other products, go online and look for great deals and rewards programs.